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Several highly requested and updated forms for your convenience. If you don't see what you need, help is just a click away. Contact the communications department You may also contact any Lakes and Pines office.


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Forms & Documents

Volunteer Essentials

A handy reference when you need it, Volunteer Essentials includes general information helpful for every Girl Scout volunteer and information specific to our council such as Finance Policies, Volunteer Policies, and more.

Volunteer Essentials Resource Guide

*Chapter 4 provides Safety Guidelines for volunteers, parent/guardians, and girls. Use Safety Activity Checkpoints for information about specific activities. 

More Forms & Documents

Adult Volunteer Application, #3101

Awesome Adult Patch Program, #3811

Blue Book of Basic Documents (2009)

Certificate of Exemption    MN    WI

Friendship Booklet, #3070

Girl/Adult Health History, #3801  English  Spanish

GS Bridging Award Requirements for all Levels

GS Glossary & Acroynyms, #3600

GS Promise & Law   English  Spanish

Insurance "Non-Girl Scout" Activity Insurance

Join Girl Scouts Tri-Fold Brochure    Insert for Tri-Fold Brochure

Jump Start Event (How to Do) - Diva Day

Jump Start Event (How to Do) - Forests, Fields & Fairies

Membership Registration Forms  Girl  Adult  Dues Summary

Girl / Adult Health History, #3801

Girl / Adult Health History - Spanish, #3801

Nomination Award - Criteria, #8300

Nomination Award - Letter of Endorsement

Nomination Form - Apprec. Pin/Honor Pin/Thanks Badge I & II, #8302

Nomination Form - Outstanding Leader/Outstanding Volunteer, #8301

Opening a Troop or SU Bank Acct, #4700

Parent/Guardian Permission Form, #3803

Photo Release

Position Description - Troop/Group Leader/Co-Leader, #8430

Position Description - Troop Helper Volunteer, #8431

Position Description - Troop Product Sales Manager, #8439

Position Description - Troop Treasurer Volunteer, #8422

Program & Adult Learning Registrtion Form (2010-11)

Program Scholarship Form (2010-11)

Quick Pic Cards (prints 4 per page)

Safety Activity Checkpoints Table of Contents (Safety-Wise)  English   Spanish  Please click on topic for further information.

Scholarship Funds Application for Membership & Supplies, #4502

SU Event Planning Packet, #6302

SU Financial Report, #4703

SU Money Earning Guidelines/Application, #4722

SU Plan of Action (POA), #3630

SU Troop Finance Tracking From, #3612

Transporting GS Adult Driver Checklist, #3815

Troop Bank Account Record, #4706

Troop Field Trip & Service Log, #3613

Troop Finance & Money Earning Policies & Procedures, #4701

Troop Financial Report (TFR), #4702

Troop/Group Money Earning Project Application, #4704

Troop/Group Roster, #3810

Troop/SU Sponsorship Form, #3700

Troop or Service Unit Website/Social Networking Page Recommendations, #7004

Unsoliciated Gift Form, #3702

Monthly Troop Treasury Report, #4710

In Kind Contribution Form, #4319

What Is A Self-Sustaining Troop?, #4725

Yard Sign Inserts

Troop Leaders-information to help you with your first parent/guardian meeting

Parent/Guardian Information Meeting

Deciding When & Where to Meet

Forming a Troop Committee

Adult Agreement

Transporting Girl Scouts-Adult Driver Checklist

All the above forms are part of "The Troop Pathway Guide for New Troop Leaders." All page numbers referenced in the forms, can be found in this guide.

Girl Scout Girl Awards

Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards


Through the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards, girls Discover, Connect and Take Action—which translates into knowing yourself, reaching out to others and making a real difference in your community. Through September 30, 2011, girls may complete the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards using existing resources. This includes the current forms, approval process and age requirements for each award level. As always, there is flexibility during times of transition, so rest assured that girls will not have to “do over” or lose any of their work as they move along the steps leading to the Bronze, Silver or Gold Award. As questions arise, be sure to contact Program Manager at the Bemidji Service Center.


Effective October 1, 2011, the new Girl Awards guidelines become effective. For now, you can choose which guidelines you would like to work from, but if the majority of the work toward the award will be done during the 2011-2012 membership year, you should use the new guidelines.

Girl Awards At A Glance, #6524

Girl Scout Bronze Award (for girls in grades 4-5)

Current GS Bronze Award Guidelines if all work is completed by September 30, 2011,#6513.

NEW GS Bronze Award Girl Guidelines, #6526

NEW GS Bronze Award Adult Guide, #6527

NEW GS Bronze Award Final Report, #6528


Girl Scout Silver Award (for girls in grades 6-8)

Current GS Silver Award Guidelines if all work is completed by September 30, 2011, #6515.

NEW GS Silver Award Girl Guidelines, #6531

NEW GS Silver Award Adult Guide, #6532

NEW GS Silver Award Final Report, #6533


Girl Scout Gold Award (for girls in grades 9-12)

Current GS Gold Award Guidelines if all work is completed by September 30, 2011, #6516.

NEW GS Gold Award Girl Guidelines, #6541

NEW GS Gold Award Adult Guide, #6542

NEW GS Gold Award Project Proposal, #6543

NEW GS Gold Award Final Report, #6544









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