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Camp FAQ's and Parenting Partnership

Let us introduce you to outdoor adventure!
Sending your Girl Scout to camp for the first time is exciting and fun.  It's a chance for her to show you how responsible and independent she can be.  Yet, as a parent, you may be holding back because you're not sure what is the right session or whether this is the right time.

Is she ready? If you're not sure, our experienced Outdoor Program Staff are here to help!  They're trained and experienced to listen and talk with you about what to expect... and share what they've learned over the years.  Read the FAQ below to get a better idea of what to expect. 


Not sure what session is right for your girl?  Below you'll find information to help you choose. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to be a Girl Scout to come to camp?

No, all girls are welcome and will benefit from attending one of our camps.  If you are not a current member of Girl Scouts, you pay the session fee plus $15 for a membership to Girl Scouts of the USA.  By joining Girl Scouts, you become part of a world-wide network of almost 3 million Girl Scouts and can participate in activities through September 30, 2015. At that time, you can choose to re-join and continue as an individual (or "Juliette"), come back to summer camp, participate in an event, travel, or be connected with a troop. 

Who can attend Girl Scout camp?

Our camps are open to all girls and adults, regardless of race, nationality, religious affiliation, sexual orientation and disability.  In order to attend Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin Lakes and Pines resident camp and wilderness canoe tripping, campers must meet the following essential functions.
1.  Move independently from place to place
2.  Effectively interact in a group based on program content.
3.  Be able to meet personal needs (bathing, toileting, dressing, diet management, etc.) 
4.  Capable self-manager of chronic illnesses.

Can I come to camp with my daughter?

Some of our sessions are designed for adults to participate with girls, and some are designed for girls only:


Family Camp/Grandparents & Me: Male and female participants welcome, children and adults of all ages.  Must have at least one currently registered Girl Scout in group.  Children attend with adults.  Price is per person; children 5 & under are free.

She & I : Girls attend with a special adult (18 or older)--parent, grandparent, mentor, etc.  One adult and 1-2 girls from each family.  Price is per person.

Day Programs: Girls can attend these day programs on their own or with adults; you can sign up individually OR as part of a troop.   Price is per person.

Day Camp at Sanderson: Girls attend by themselves or with a friend and leave at the end of the day.  Price is per person. 

Wilderness Canoe Trips (Northern Lakes Canoe Base): See individual trip descriptions in the Camp Guide for ages.  Some trips are for girls only; if grade is listed "through adult," girls can attend on their own or with an adult.  Adults pay same session fee as girls.

Troop Camp: Girls attend with adults according to safety ratios as detailed in Volunteer Essentials (at least 2 unrelated adults per group, generally no more than one extra adult per group).  Girl prices are per girl; adult prices vary based on level of troop camp and number of adults--see Troop Camp Guide for details. 

All other programs - Resident Camp, CIT/GIT, Day Programs listed in Camp Guide: Girls attend alone or with a buddy.  Adults do not attend.  GSMWLP provides trained, caring staff to supervise girls and lead all activities.

Can I come to camp with a friend or a buddy?

Yes!  A camper may request one “buddy” per session of resident camp.  Both buddies must register for the same camp session.  Each buddy must list each other’s name on their registration forms.  Sessions fill on a first come, first served basis.  For troop camp, family camp, and She & I, etc... sessions, participants registering together (on one registration form) will automatically be housed together.

I want to bunk in the same cabin/room as my friend at camp.  Can this be guaranteed?

Yes, if the two friends are enrolled in the same session and both of them have indicated each other as buddies on the registration form. (See above.) One buddy per camper; placement in the same cabin/room as other participants cannot be guaranteed.


Are the grade levels listed for this year or next year?

Grades listed are the grade the camper will be beginning in the fall of the next school year.  On occasion, a girl can attend a session listed for the grade they are currently in; prior approval is required from the camp director.  A younger girl will not be allowed to attend an older girl session.


Do I have to have a physical exam to attend camp?

 NEW for 2015* - A current physical (within 12 months) and Health History Form for ALL girls attending summer resident camp at Roundelay, Sanderson, Shingobee Timbers and the Northern Lakes Canoe Base is REQUIRED.    

 *If staying three nights or fewer a Health History Form is required but not a current physical exam.

Can my family call/text/visit me at camp?

No, but our campers love to receive postcards and letters! When you bring your girl to camp, you will be able to help her settle in to her room or cabin, and your family will have some time to check out camp with her.  Once check-in hours are over, parents will depart and your girl will be in the good hands of our caring, trained staff! 


We encourage your family to sign up for Camp Care Day, Family Camp, or She & I as a great way to get familiar with camp together.  If your daughter is nervous about coming to camp on her own, this is the best way to give her the confidence of knowing where to go and what she can look forward to when she comes on her own!


All participants are asked to leave cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other tech devices at home.  Unplugging is an important part of camp.  We strongly discourage calls, texts, and other technology communication while your girl is at camp.  In our experience, this can cause homesickness and disappointment among campers whose families do not visit, call, or text.

 What if I can’t afford the cost of camp?

We strongly encourage all girls to participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program to help earn their way to camp.  Girls who sell cookies as part of a troop can use their Cookie Dough certificates to pay for camp, and if their troop is attending camp together, they can vote to use their troop cookie proceeds to pay for camp.  Girls who sell cookies individually ("Juliettes") can pay for camp with Cookie Dough and Program Credits they earn from selling cookies and fall product.  


Cookie Dough can be used for all of the session cost, except the deposit.  (Cookie Dough is an individual girl reward and may not be used for adults.)  Juliette Program Credits work like cash and can be used to pay any portion of the session cost, including the deposit. 


We hope you'll also come to Camp Care Day and earn coupons that can be applied towards a girl's or adult's session cost.  Camp Care Day coupons can be shared, so bring your whole family to pitch in and get camp ready for the summer.  Each participant can pay up to $45 of their summer session cost with Camp Care Day coupons. 


Generous support from grants and individual donors helps more girls go to camp.  Financial assistance is available to pay part of a girl's session cost for resident camp or wilderness canoe tripping.  (Not available for troop camp, sorry.)  To apply, fill out a Camp/Program Scholarship Application and submit with your girl's camp registration.  Funds are limited and are awarded in order applications are received.


What type of food is served at camp?

Camp serves food that has traditionally been popular with majority of girls of all ages, summer after summer.  We feature grilled cheese, tacos, pizza, lasagna, salad bar, and more.  Camp offers nutritious meals and snacks to power girls on the go!  We will do our best to accommodate vegetarian, gluten free, and other special dietary needs with advance notice.  Please indicate dietary needs on your girl's health history form and contact the camp director prior to your girl’s session.


What are the living areas like?

Since we have four camps for you to choose from, Lakes and Pines Council is proud to be able to offer a variety of camp settings.  Each of our camps has its own unique character and feel, whether traditional or modern, quiet and intimate or bustling with activity.  Depending on the camp and session, accommodations vary from tent cabins to screened cabins to dormitory rooms.  Participants in wilderness canoe tripping programs sleep in tents. 


All of our camps have hot showers, flush toilets and/or latrines, and beds in the cabins/rooms.  Campers room with other girls in their session.  Counselors sleep in separate accommodations within sight and hearing of the girls at Sanderson and Shingobee Timbers.  Counselors sleep in the cabins with girls at Camp Roundelay.  Most meals are served in the dining hall, but groups will often cook one or more meals outside, depending on the session.


What does ACA accreditation mean?

American Camp Association (ACA) accreditation means you can have confidence that all aspects of the camp program, systems and procedures, and facilities have been measured against rigorous national standards, above and beyond the state’s basic licensing requirements.  ACA covers over 300 standards in areas such as staff selection, safety rules, program, health & sanitation, and administration.  Standards are evaluated yearly and in most cases they meet or exceed Girl Scout Safety Activity Checkpoints and state youth camp guidelines.


What if my girl isn't the outdoors-y type?

We believe in making camp an inclusive environment for girls of all interests and backgrounds.  We offer sessions designed specially for introducing girls to camp, with a shorter stay and extra support from staff.  If your girl is uncomfortable sleeping outside, consider a session at Camp Shingobee Timbers where she will sleep in the Program Center.  Camp is a safe place to try a new challenge, so we hope your girl will join us for the opportunity to meet some new friends and grow by trying something new this summer.


 What kinds of activities do you do at camp?

Camp is a great place to meet new friends, have fun, and learn new skills.  Campers might swim, canoe, kayak, hike, sing songs, build a fire, ride a horse, climb a wall, use a GPS unit, make jewelry, learn about plants and animals, try archery, and more!  Camp is a place where girls learn to live and work together in a community without the outside distraction of modern technology.  A typical day at camp includes waterfront time, a team-building challenge or a craft project, eating together, a camp kaper, and an evening campfire.  See the Camp Guide for more specifics on each session.  While at camp, girls can visit the Camp Store to buy stuffed animals, t-shirts, water bottles, jewelry, and other cool stuff.  Items range in price from $2-30.


What time is check-in?  What time is check-out?  

Check-in and check-out times vary based on the camp and the type of session your girl is attending; generally both are midday or in the afternoon.  After you register, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to the camp forms we'll need you to fill out and the Parent Guide for your girl's camp.  The Parent Guide has lots of information about what you can expect of us and what we expect of you, so please take the time to read it.  You will find check-in and check-out times and important information about these processes in the Parent Guide.


What is your cancellation policy?

Click here to read the cancellation and refund procedures for 2015 camp sessions.


Where is camp?  How do I get driving directions?

This information will be included in the confirmation email you will receive when we process your registration.  It is also in the Parent Guide, linked from your confirmation email.


Let Us Be Your Parenting Partner

Are you ready for camp?  Is your daughter ready for camp?  Are YOU, as a parent, ready to send your daughter to camp? 

Q: How do I determine when it is the right time to send my daughter to camp for the first time?
A: The biggest question to ask is, are YOU ready as a parent to let your child go? It's helps to be clear on why you are sending her to camp.  Weather it is to make new friends, learn new skills or gain independence, it starts with your gorals for a positive camp experience.  If you are upbeat about the upcoming experience, your child will reflect this same attitude.  If you daughter has been able to successfully spend the night at Grandma's or a friends house, she is most likely ready for an overnight camp experience.  WE ARE READY FOR YOUR DAUGHTER!  Our goal is for each girl to have a successful social learning experience while at camp.  Through great activities and community living, we create an environment that teaches resilence and self reliance.  Camp Professionals have been helping kids build independence for years.  When choosing a first camp experience start with the confidence that you have laid down the foundation for your child success.  Begin the process with your child with words of encouragement and enthusiasm.  

Q: How will I know my child is being supervised appropriately on and off site?
A: WE ARE READY FOR YOUR DAUGHTER!  Our goal is for each girl to have a positive individual and group experience at camp.  Camp staff are trained to focus on each camper every day from their heads to their toes.  Supervision not only includes making sure girls are wearing life jackets but also that they are changing their clothes every day, drinking water and applying sunscreen and that healthy relationships are growing in their cabin. Girl Scouts place a high priority on safety and train staff in all aspects of camp life - from leading activities to driving vans to cooking over a campfire.  

Q: How do you screen and select staff?
A: WE ARE READY FOR YOUR DAUGHTER!  Our goal is to hire child-centered staff who enjoy the outdoor experience.  Camp Counselors include home grown Girl Scouts who have many years of experience in Girl Scouting as well as student from local colleges adn universities adn international staff who desire to be a part of the Girl Scout organization.  After references are checked, all counselors are required to have a personal interview and pass a criminal background check, including a National Sex Offender public website, before they live and work with campers.  The most important trait we are looking for in our staff is the desire to create lasting camp experiences for your daughter.  Their job is to create an environment that will make your child fall in love with the camp experience.  

Q: What if my daughter does not have a friend to attend camp with her?
A: WE ARE READY FOR YOUR DAUGHTER!  Our goal is for each girl to discover more about herself while connecting with other campers and staff.  Many first time campers and camper parents focus on the activities offered at camp and make the decision to attend camp based on canoeing, horseback riding, field trips, etc.  While activities are an important aspect of camp, that's not what camp is all about.  Camp is about making some of the best friends of your life.  Camps not only make some of the best friends, your daughter will learn what real friendship is.  Camp is a social experience - learning to live, work and play together over the course of 3-10 days.  Wheather your daughter arrives at camp alone or with a friend, she will leave camp with new friends and experiences.  Serveral parents report on camp surveys that their camper has made a new friend.

Q: What if my daughter has a physical, psychological, emotional or medical need that requires daily support?
A: WE ARE READY TO PARTNER WITH YOU, THE PARENT!  Our goal is to prepare each camper for success.  In order to lay the foundation for success, parents and camp directors must partner by sharing information.  Some parents hesitate to provide camp with personal information about their camper health history.  While Girl Scout camp can accomodate 95% of all girls, the other 5% require a different environment with staff trained to meet their needs.  With this in mind, if your child's needs cannot be met at a Girl Scout camp, we would like the decision to be made with you before the registration process begins.  If Girl Scout camp is not the environment for success, we will assist you in finding a setting to provide a successful experience for your daughter.   

Camper Essential Functions

In order to attend Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisonsin Lakes and Pines resident camp and wilderness canoe tipping, campers must meet the following essential functions.

1.  Move independtly from place to place.
2.  Effectively interact in a group based on program content.
3.  Be able to meet personal needs (bathing, toileting, dressing, diet management, etc.)
4.  Capable self-manager of chronic illnesses.

Is there a question we haven't answered? Contact us for more information!

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