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By Maureen Graham

Fall Product Sale Training by conference call will be offered on Monday, September 23 at 6:00 p.m. for those who did not attend in person trainings.  This training is suggested for Troop Product Sales Managers, Troop Leaders, and Community Product Sales Managers.  The training will be approximately one hour in length.  To sign up and receive call in information, please contact Maureen Graham by email or phone 320-247-4571 by noon on September 23. Please join us!

By Maureen Graham

It's almost Back to Troop Time. Grab your best party gear and join us for our funnest Fall Kickoff event ever. Yes, there will be prizes!

Fall Product Sale Training

The 2013 Fall Product Sale is a great and easy way for troops to earn start-up funds for activities the girls would like to participate in during the Girl Scout year.  Learn all of the latest information to get your troop ready to sell.  We encourage at least one adult volunteer from each troop to attend either a council training or a training offered by your Community Product Sales Manager.  If you have not been to a training before or if it has been a while, come and check it out!

Back to Troop Membership Kickoff 

"I can't wait a Girl Scout!" is our recruitment call.  Girl Scouts is fun - so let's havefun! Prizes and materials will be available for all. We will walk through your plans for fall and infuse Girl Scout fun throughout. We want every girl to say, "I can't wait to be a Girl Scout!"

So plan now to be with us at 6:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 22 at Calvary Lutheran Church, 605 Douglas Street, in Alexandria. 


6:00 - Light Supper

6:30 - Fall Product Training 

7:30 - Regional Updates

Distribution of Fall Recruitment Packets to Service Unit Managers and Community Coordinators

Service Unit Managers and Community Coordinators, if you're unable to join us, please contact Linda Bear to get your Fall Recruitment Packets. 

RSVP by Monday, August 19 to Maureen or 320-247-4571. 

By Linda Bear

Top 10 Reasons to Jump Start and

Re-register for Girl Scouts Today


1.     Convenient options: Register online or if you prefer, paper registration forms are still available.  Find both at and click on “Join Girl Scouts’ or “Re-register Now.”

2.     If online help is needed, it is just an e-mail away:

3.     If online registering, you receive an e-mail confirmation within 15 minutes of completing your online registration. 

4.     Your girl will receive the free 2013-14 Jumpstart patch shown.

5.     Troop Incentive for Online Registering:  If your girl is in a troop, her troop will receive $5 for

             every girl registering online if 80% of the whole troop online registers by June 15.

a.     Your troop will know your girl will be returning.

b.     Your troop and Service Unit will know your Troop Leaders are returning.

c.     Your troop will be able to start up easily when school starts again in September.

6.     Your community’s Girl Scout Service Unit will receive a free 4 foot vinyl Girl Scout parade

             banner if 80% of all current Service Unit girl and adult members re-register by June 15.

7.     Camp Bonus! Get a free t-shirt:  Sign up for any camp session over $100 and receive a free camp t-shirt when you renew your Girl Scout membership for 2013-14 by June 15!  Check the website above and click on Camp.

8.     You can join or re-join in any way the fits your family:  as a member of a troop that is supported by family volunteers or as a Juliette (independent) Girl Scout (do everything all Girl Scouts do except meet as a member of a troop.)

9.     Discover yourself, connect with your community, and take action to make the world a better place.

10.  Girl Scouts is great! - of course you want your girl to earn her Jump Start patch and help her Troop and Service Unit meet their goals:

By Maureen Graham

Planned Orders

Please place your planned orders in Snap by 10 p.m. on Saturday evenings to have delivery to your cupboard by the following Friday.  What you need to know: as a council we rely on troops placing planned orders to determine how many cookies to order each week and to send these cookies where they need to go.  Please help us help you by placing planned orders whenever possible. Please refer to page 26 of the pink Answer Book for Troop Product Sales Managers for complete instructions.  Remember to order in package quantities.

Booth Sales

Please continue to put your booth requests each week in Snap.  For instructions see the previous blog article on this topic. Cookie Booths continue through March 10.

ACH Debit

The first ACH debit was February 20.  If your ACH debit did not go through for any reason, please contact me about making alternate payment plans.  Remember to collect and deposit money from your families each week.  The next ACH debit will be March 20 at which time 50% of your remaining balance owed will be due.

Girls in Snap

You may have noticed some changes to your troop’s listing of girls in Snap.  This past week we did an upload of girls from our membership system to Snap.  This is the only upload of information we plan to do for this sale.  Please check your listing to make sure it is correct and remove any duplicate names.  You will need to verify that this list is correct before transferring packages to girls or placing a recognition order later on.  If you have any questions, please contact me. 

By Maureen Graham

To add to the success of your troop’s Cookie Sale, all troops should enter their booth sale information in Snap as they are scheduled.  Information provided thru Snap will be uploaded to the Cookie Booth Locator so that those searching online for a nearby cookie sale will be able to find your troop’s booth sale.  Boost your troop’s business by providing accurate, complete information for all of your Cookie Booths in a timely manner. 

If you are in an area with a Cookie Booth Coordinator, please contact them for their approval of the Cookie Booth before setting up the booth or uploading the information to Snap.  For additional information on Cookie Booth Sales, please see page 25 of the pink Answer Book.  Read more to learn how to enter your troop's cookie booth sale dates in Snap.















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