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By Hannah McCabe

Attention Leaders and Co-Leaders! If any of you still need to attend New Leader Training, please contact Shelley Murphy at or (218) 302-3187. We will be working around your schedules to plan the next training, so let us know what dates will be best for you!

By Ashley Rauwolf

Hi everyone!

I am so happy to see the Early Bird registrations flying into the Duluth and Waite Park offices! This is a busy and exciting time of year for everyone, and I am so thrilled to see that people are taking advantage of the great prizes that come with Early Bird registration.

As a reminder, all Early Bird registrations need to be turned in by June 15th. By turning in your troop roster by June 15th you recieve free membership for you and your coleader, and all of the girls will get the awesome new Early Bird patch! It is also a great way to simplify starting again in the fall. You can just invite the girls to their first meeting and start activities without having to worry about registration!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me by emailing or calling 218-302-3181.

Thank you,

By April Rasmussen

Thank you to all of you for a great Cookie Season!  You made my 1st year run smoothly, and I hope we can work together to make next year even better! 

By now everyone should have  received their recognitions & cookie dough!! If not please contact me at  




Your troop finance Report is due to Product Sales & Finance specialist by June 15th. You have been e-mailed a letter with a attachment but you can also find them on our website at and go to volunteer / forms for volunteers / finance forms / troop financial Form (4702). You can send me a copy of this or e-mail at . 

By Maureen Graham

Community Product Sales Managers should have been receiving shipments of cookie sale recognition items this week.  Unfortunately it appears that the duffle bags which girls earned at the 650 - 749 package level were omitted from this shipment.  Our vendor is making a separate shipment of the duffle bags and we have heard they should be going out today.  So if your shipment is missing a duffle bag or bags, they should arrive very soon.  If you have any questions, please contact your Product Sales and Finance Specialist.

By Maureen Graham

THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  Thank YOU and please extend our thanks to your parents, cupboard managers, community product sales managers, and anyone else who did extra work during the 2015 Cookie Sale Program to help girls achieve their goals. It is much appreciated!


Now that the sale is completed, please close any open Cookie Apps you have been using (COCO, Cupboard, etc.) so that during the next cookie sale when the app is re-opened, all of any upcoming updates will be readily available to you.


2014 Cookie Dough expires on April 30, 2015. 


2015 Cookie Dough is currently being printed and put together.  This will be sent to the 01 Troop Leader as soon as we can get it out the door.  Adventure Points will be mailed directly to girls.  We should have both the Cookie Dough and Adventure Points out before the end of the month. Recognition items will be sent in early May to community product sales managers for distribution to troops.


The Buy 5 Packages Win 5 Cases promotion was a success. We had over 4300 entries!!!  One winner was drawn per region.  Congratulations to our winners!:

Region     Name                   City

R01            Sam F.                  Becida

R02            Greta Q.              Finlayson

R03            Elizabeth W.     Mora

R04            Amy K.                 Avon


It’s not too early to start thinking about putting together your Annual Troop Financial ReportAn accurate accounting of troop funds is required every year. Complete and return this entire form, to your Troop Finance Consultant (TFC) or Service Unit Manager (SUM) or Treasurer (SUT) by June 15. (Please do a file, save as to your computer before entering information.  This form will automatically calculate income, expenses, and final balance.  Please enter expenses as negative numbers. You may print out and fill in the form if you prefer.) Attach the most recent troop bank statement and a copy of your checkbook register that corresponds to the dates of this report. The troop leader should keep all receipts and canceled checks on file for seven years. Make a copy of this report for your troop’s records. Questions about the Annual Troop Financial Report?  Contact your Product Sales and Finance Specialist. 


By Ashley Rauwolf

Dear Volunteers,

Many of you have had questions about the three packets you have recieved recently about membership. These include Circle of Friends, Spring Renewal: Early Bird, and Duluth Frozen Parties.

Circle of Friends is a summer mailing program that your girls may sign up for as individuals. It's a great way for girls to stay active in Girl Scouting during the summer, and it's also a wonderful way for girls to invite their friends to join Girl Scouts! Each family in your troop should have recieved three flyers; please don't be shy about sharing them with friends and family.

Spring Renewal, or as we like to call it Early Bird, is an easy way to reregister your Girl Scouts for the 2015-2016 membership year! As an added bonus, if you complete the enclosed roster and return it to either the Duluth or Waite Park offices, your girls can earn an adorable Girl Scout partridge patch, and you and your co-leader can earn free memberships. The roster also has a space to indicate that you are using Circle of Friends to reregister. All rosters must be returned by June 15th to be eligable for prizes.

Duluth Frozen Parties are a fun way for your Girl Scouts to celebrate a fantastic year of Girl Scouting and a wonderful cookie sale. Its also an excellent opprotunity for girls to invite a friend to experience the fun of Girl Scouting! Girls can register individually using the invitations you recieved in your Frozen packet, or you can return your spring renewal roster to indicate with girls are attending a party. Please RSVP by Friday, April 10th.

The truely exciting thing about these mailings is that you can stack them! You can get Circle of Friends for your girls, indicate that on the Spring Renewal roster, and use the roster to register your girls for a Frozen Party

For any questions please contact Ashley at (218) 302-3184 or 

By Ashley Rauwolf

Spring is here and that means its time to renew your Girl Scout memberships! The week of March 30th, you will be recieving your Early Bird spring renewal packet in the mail. This year we are offering two exciting new options: a bright new patch featuring a Girl Scout-themed partridge and free 2015-2016 memberships for each troop's 01 and 02 when all materials are turned in by June 15th.

To earn these great rewards for you, your co-leader, and your girls, please complete the enclosed troop roster as indicated, marking which girls will be renewing, which girls will not be renewing, and how many new girls your troop can accept next fall. Please return the roster with payment to the Waite Park Regional Center at:

Girl Scouts of Minnesota and Wisconsin Lakes and Pines
400 Second Avenue South
Waite Park, MN 56387

You will also have the opprotunity to turn in your roster with payment at the Duluth Frozen Parties or your service unit's Court of Awards.

To ensure that you don't miss these exciting opprotunites, make sure to turn in completed rosters by June 15th. For questions, please contact Ashley at or (218) 302-3181.

Thank you again for all that you do! 

By Maureen Graham

March 22, the last day for girl credit, is fast approaching.  Thank you to everyone who has helped girls to succeed in running their cookie business this season!  We have several updates to help you through the next stage of the cookie sale.


COCOdirect packages were uploaded to Snap this week.  Our girls have sold 2,306 online so far, which is exciting for a first year program.  Congratulations girls!  We will make sure that any additional packages sold online this weekend are credited to girls before the recognitions orders are placed next week.


Gluten Free Trios have also been transferred in Snap. Troops will notice that Trios are showing up as Cranberry Citrus Crisps. This will have the smallest impact on next year’s orders.  The key in distinguishing which are Trios is that they are being transferred from the Gluten Free Cupboard.  Because Snap is not currently set up for two different price points, we are not able to increase the dollar amount for Trios so they are currently billing at the same price as the other cookies.  Please note that we will add the extra dollar per Trios package and enter that as a Gluten Free Bank adjustment after the final ACH debit.


The last day for RETURNS is Tuesday, March 24.

·         Troops may only return full unopened/unmarked cases (up to the number of girls selling in the troop) if the troop met the requirements of 120 packages per girl selling on the initial order (this can be done at your local cookie cupboard, also). 

Not sure if your troop met this requirement?  Go into ABC Snap > Reports > Troop Balance Summary (make sure to filter by packages)…look for the initial order line – this will tell you how many packages the troop had on the initial order – and divide it by the number of girls selling for the troop.

·         This is a one time return per troop and has to be completed by Tuesday, March 24 (no exceptions).

·         Remember, Exchanges may still be done if you have a full unopened/unmarked case of cookies for a different full unopened/unmarked case of cookies, as long as we have the varieties in stock.


March 25th: Troop Recognition Order due in SNAP.  Remember to transfer packages to girls before creating the recognition order. 


The second ACH debit will occur March 25.  The amount being withdrawn will be 50% of the remaining balance owed.  The final ACH debit will be April 8 for the remaining balance due.  Troops having difficulty collecting money from families must fill out an Outstanding Money Report and notify the council at least seven days prior to the ACH date to have their debit amount adjusted.  Outstanding Money Reports must be sent no later than April 3, 2015.  Questions? Contact your Product Sales and Finance Specialist. 

The Waite Park and Duluth Cookie Cupboards will be open the following for the rest of the cookie season:

Saturday, March 21 – 9:00am-12:00pm

Monday, March 23 – 8:30am-5:30pm

Tuesday, March 24 – 8:30am-5:30pm

Wednesday, March 25 - 8:30am- 5:30pm

After Wednesday, March 25, the cookies at the Waite Park and Duluth Cupboards will be moved to the Waite Park and Duluth Girl Scout Offices.  Troops may still get cookies after March 25 as long as varieties are available.


Evaluations on this year’s Cookie Sale, found in the back of your Answer Book(s), are due by April 15 at the Waite Park Regional Center.  Please take the time to fill these out and return them.  They are helpful in planning next year’s sale!


Happy Cookie Season and Thank You again for all that you do!


By April Rasmussen

March 20th: SNAP opens for recognition orders

March 22nd: Last day for Girl Credit for Recognitions and to earn Troop Bonus!

March 23rd: Update Girl Information and transfer cookies to girls

March 24th: LAST DAY for returns of factory sealed/unmarked FULL cases*

March 25th: Troop Recognition Order due in SNAP
Turn in Super Sister Seller forms to CPSM 

* For questions about returns, etc, contact April Rasmussen at arasmussen@gslakesandpines or 218-302-3185

By Maureen Graham

THANK YOU to all who are helping girls to reach their goals by running their very own cookie business.  Cupboard managers, community product sales managers, troop leaders, other volunteers, parents, and most especially cookie eaters all play an important role in helping girls learn and succeed have fun. Thanks again for all you do!


March ACH Debit

What is an ACH debit? It is a financial transaction where funds are electronically withdrawn from a bank account.  We have three ACH debits scheduled to occur during the 2015 Cookie Sale where we plan to withdraw funds electronically from troop bank accounts:


- Due March 4: 45% of initial order (or 45% of packages owned by February 17, if no initial order was placed.) March 4 ACH calculations include quantities of Initial order gluten free.  We added initial order packages for the traditional and gluten free cookies; figured amount due to council (excluding the extra $1 for gluten free.)   Example: in packages 144 (in Snap) + 12 (gluten free) = 156 X 3.40 – $530.40 x .45 = $238.68 amount of March 4 ACH.

- Due March 25: 50% of remaining balance troop owes.

- Due April 8: Remaining balance due.  The extra $1.00 for Gluten Free will be collected on the final ACH.


If your troop is having trouble collecting the amount which will be withdrawn, please contact your Product Sales and Finance Specialist no later than the Friday before the ACH debit is to occur.


Controlling Inventory

Need more cookies? Have too many cookies? Controlling cookie inventory can be tricky.  Remember, the goal is to get to a zero inventory for your troop and our council by the end of the sale.  We want all cookies to be sold because leftover packages that are owned by the troop or council still must be paid for. 


How can you help?  The obvious – sell cookies while the demand is there; so help girls to sell early and often.  Next, if you need more cookies, place a planned order in Snap by Sunday night at 10:00 p.m. for exactly what your troop needs for the following week.  Our council relies heavily each week on reports that show where planned orders need to be filled throughout the council.  This information helps us determine where cookies are needed and when. So if your troop does not place a planned order, your local cupboard may not have the cookies on hand that you need.  PLEASE, help us help you by placing a planned order in Snap each week that you need cookies.  Finally, if your troop has too many or the wrong kind of cookies – reach out!  Contact families in your troop, other community troops, your Community Product Sales Manager and your Cupboard Manager and let them know what you have too much of.  Transfer cookies between girls or troops wherever possible. Remember that unopened, factory sealed cases can be exchanged for another variety at cupboards where additional inventory is available.  Need more tips on preventing left over cookies? See page 30 of the Answer Book for Troop Product Sales Managers.


Gluten Free

For any troop who would like more gluten free Trios; we have product available!  Troops are now able to take Trios in either ½ case or full case quantities.  Please know that the no return policy still applies.  If your troop hasn’t tried the gluten free please consider taking a ½ case (6 packages).  We are hearing that customers are asking about Trios at many cookie booths.  Remember that your troop can earn regular troop proceeds of .60 (for the recognition plan) or .65 (for the cash plan) per package, and packages will also count towards girl recognitions.  Please contact your Product Sales and Finance Specialist on how to get Trios for your troop. 


5 for 5 Program

We have had a great number of entries in the Buy 5 Packages Win 5 Cases promotion and hope it is helping girls to sell even more cookies.  We are aware that customers putting in their entries continue to get an error message.  While we are currently trying to fix this issue, please let customers know that their entry is still getting through and that they should ignore the message.  If customers are told in advance that they may get an error message when putting in their entry, but that we will still receive it, this would be helpful.  Thank you!


Also, to answer a common question we have been getting about the 5 for 5, yes, girls need to give customers a unique code for each five packages which are purchased in a single transaction.  So if a customer purchases ten packages, they will then receive two unique codes from the girl.  Hope this makes things clearer. 


Bling Your Booth! 

Plain is boring! We have seen a few blinged booths and they have looked fabulous.  There’s still time to Bling Your Booth and win!  Remember to take a photo of your cookie booth and upload to the GSUSA Facebook page, by April 30, 2015 at 11:59 p.m. ET. Your troop has the potential to win $500 cash! See the Winter 2014 Connections for additional details. Good luck!









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