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By Tauna

We asked participants to write about their experience on Girl Scout canoe trips through Lakes and Pines' Northern Lakes Canoe Base in Ely, MN.  Here is what Janice Hamachek (Girl Scouts of Manitou; Participant 2008, 2009, 2010; Guide-In-Training 2011, 2012) had to say:

We came as strangers, and left as friends.


As I drive up in the van, I am surrounded by people I have known for only a couple hours. We make small talk, but no deep conversations. After this ride, I know everyone’s name, where they are from, and a couple random facts about them. As we make the final turn into camp, I see the Northern Lakes Canoe Base and the road is filled with a bunch of people jumping, screaming, and waving. I think to myself, “What have I signed myself up for?”


After unloading the van, we move into the Program Center. They give us a little time to talk at first, but it is still awkward. I look around who to sit with and I decide to sit by the people I sat by on the van. They seemed pretty nice. We don’t say much and it is small talk. The people who were lining the roads come into the Program Center. They introduce themselves, and I realize that they are from all over, just like this group of people is. I notice how close they seem to be, but I think that is farfetched from how close this group will be. “They have spent more time together than we will,” I think to myself. Then, they say that I will be spending the next 10 days in the woods with these people, and I will be led by two guides. As I look at them, they seem like they have two completely different personalities.


That night, we crawl into our tents. We divide up randomly, because none of us are close enough to make up our mind, besides the two people that came together. We get into the tent and arrange ourselves. We keep everyone’s stuff separated because we don’t want to touch anyone else’s stuff. We sit and talk, and begin to find out more about each other. We begin to learn about every one’s family and where they came from. I begin to find similarities between us, and it is nice to know this. Eventually, we all fall asleep.


The next morning we are woken up with songs sung by the energetic guides. As I crawl out of my sleeping bag, I am half asleep. I have no idea how people can be so awake this early in the morning. As I get ready, I begin to talk to the person that I slept next to. We don’t say much, but it is understandable because neither of us are awake. We go to breakfast, and we begin to talk more to everyone else. We find out how they slept, and how much experience they have had with this stuff. I learn that no one has done much, just like I have. Then, the guides tell us we will be having a training session today, so it does not matter that we do not know what to do!


While we are doing our training, I begin to get a feel of how everyone else is going to do. When it is my turn to put the canoe on my shoulders, I do not think I can do it. The canoe looks heavy, and I do not think I am strong enough to do it. When I am about to say I can’t do it, someone whispers to me, “I know you can do it!” I walk up to the canoe, and get it put on my shoulders for the first time. It feels heavy and I can’t balance it properly. As I take steps, I stumble. However, the person who told me I can do it once again tells me to keep going, that I am doing a great job. Everyone else chimes in, and I continue on. I take a couple more steps and I feel more confident. As training continues, I talk more to everyone and learn more about them. By that night I am talking to everyone. I still am not 100% comfortable with everyone but it has improved since the night before. When we go to bed that night, everyone is talking and we have to be told multiple times to go to sleep because we have a long day ahead of us. It is the first day of our trip and we need to be well rested.


The next morning, we begin our actual canoe trip. I am extremely nervous, but I don’t show it because I don’t want to seem weak in front of anyone else. When the guides ask us who wants to do what, no one volunteers. Everyone just stares at them. Eventually they assign jobs, and we begin our trip. Some of the staff we met yesterday will stay back at the base. We say goodbye and begin to paddle away. With three of us in each canoe I begin to learn more about the other people. I learn about where they go to school in San Diego and Washington D.C. I find it interesting because my school has less people in it than they have in their grade. When we get to our first portage (a trail between two lakes) everyone gets out. People begin to volunteer for the easy jobs, and I do too because I do not think I am ready to carry the canoe. I volunteer to be a partner for the person carrying the canoe to help them out if they need it. When they need help I help them, and I continued to encourage the whole time. Eventually, we had to switch because the person carrying the canoe was tired. Even though I didn’t think I could do it, with encouragement I was able to. As I got to the end of the portage, I felt extremely accomplished. I felt a bond to the person who helped me through because we had pushed through it together. The first lunch was interesting. Everyone was still careful about interrupting each other and putting input into others conversations. By the time we got to our first camp, we were talking more and remembering what happened throughout the day.


The next couple of days were just like the first, but better. We saw some amazing sights, went through some difficult portages, and had some long paddles. However, we did it all together. No one person did more than another and no one’s job was less important. When someone felt they were not doing enough to help because they were not strong enough to do something and started crying, everyone tried their best to make that person feel better. We encouraged her and made sure that she felt like she was contributing the same as everyone else. Everyone contributed in their own way, and it each was different. We all found what we were best at, and everyone encouraged each other in the jobs that they did.


Layover day, the day without paddling, was a real bonding time for everyone. After sleeping in this day, we made brunch. We cooked over the fire and even though it took longer than normal, we told stories and kept it interesting. We took turns and all chipped in. We went swimming, played cards, and ate all day. We bonded over this telling stories and finding out more about each other. We had fun together and helped each other forget about all the pressures that we had left in the outside world.


After layover day, everyone was well rested again and ready to go. We all were ready to get back on the water, and it showed once we left.  We made great time, and had a blast. Everything seemed to be going great, until I tripped on a portage. My nose was bleeding and I was crying. When this happened, everyone ran over and made me laugh while the guides worked on getting it patched up. Throughout the day, everyone checked up on me making sure I was still okay. It was nice to know that I was with people who cared about me. The nights that continued, we stayed up with the campfire looking at the stars in awe.  We couldn’t believe the beauty.


The last day on the water was a sad one. No one wanted to say it, but everyone knew that we were to be separated later that day. However, we all kept positive and talked so much. Our last portage, we remembered how much trouble we had on our first one. We laughed about how far we have come, and how much easier it was now. Everyone was fighting over who could carry the canoe, because everyone wanted to do it one last time. We were cheery across the portage laughing, singing, and poking fun at one another. When we finished the portage, we were back on Moose Lake, which is where we started. We made it to our last planned stop to have lunch. We had a very interesting lunch which was comprise of many leftovers from the trip. As we began our final paddle, we were happy and cheery! We took our time coming in and it took longer than usual because of wind, but we laughed through it and pushed on. We had to make an extra stop to switch paddlers because we were tired, but we made it in! We sang the song we wrote and began to tell stories of what had happened with our trip. We seemed to have more energy than we had the whole trip! We had gotten so close and talked with everyone that was there.


The time came when we had to go. It was full of tears and was very sad. As we went our separate ways, we vowed that we would stay in touch and that somehow we would see each other again. When we got home, the pictures were sent back and forth, along with many, “Remember when’s.” We talked about meeting up again, but the idea seemed like it would be impossible. However one year later, our dream became reality when 5 out of 7 of us went back as Guide in Training’s at the camp. They probably heard us for miles screaming when we were reunited again. I began this trip along with a bunch of strangers, and left with a bunch of friends.


Want in on the fun? Join us on a Girl Scout canoe trip (registration form and session information is on page 12 of our Resident Camp and Wilderness Canoe Tripping Guide.

By Tauna

Past participants and Guides from our Northern Lakes' Canoe Base have come together to share stories about the amazing impact this program has had on their lives. Below they have put together a (somewhat humorous) list of the Top ten signs you’ve been on a Boundary Waters Girl Scout canoe trip through the Northern Lakes Canoe Base:



  1. You measure distances in rods, or the length of a canoe. 10 rods? Not too bad…but could be steep or swampy. 300 rods? Ooh, that's nearly a mile! You go, girl!
  2. You pause near the Ry Krisp when you go grocery shopping. Something about it sounds so good right now.  Next decision: PB&J, cheese, or all three?  With mustard?
  3. Every January you dig out your trail clothes and wonder what the lifeguards will say if you wear your wet boots to the pool.
  4. When a friend casually mentions a “bridge” in conversation, you instantly throw off your backpack, run in front of her, swing your arms up and say “I’m ready!” followed by “I’ve got it!”
  5. You never go anywhere without a buddy.  And we mean anywhere!
  6. You lost count of your mosquito bites. Who cares, you’re having too much fun to worry about them up anyway!
  7. You put soap on your pots before making dinner. Old habits are hard to break!
  8. When things get rough (say, hard test at school), you break out into a song! “A is for apples we leave back in town…”
  9. You can carry anything, across any portage!
  10. You know the power of teamwork when headwinds blow, canoes need to be carried across portages, and camp chores need to get done. You know that if you set your mind to do something, it will get done!  You know the beauty of the wilderness, the call of the loon in the morning, and the joy of singing around a fire with Girl Scout friends under the northern lights.  You know that a Girl Scout canoe trip is an adventure like no other experience!

Want to go on a Girl Scout canoe trip? Crews are forming now. Registration open to all girls ages 13+ and adults. Girls can come alone or with adults. No previous experience necessary. 


By MonicaHusen

The Daisy Petal Power program is a special four month summer mail program designed for girls entering Kindergarten or Grade 1 in the Fall of 2013.  Girls receive one packet per month, May – August, full of activities to do at home along with “get to know Girl Scouts” material for their family.

By Bonnie Reeves

Hello All!

SU 16 graciously invites any adult volunteer to join them at Shingobee Timbers for a retreat!  They have space for 40!
See the link for details and registration form:

By Bonnie Reeves

Planet Plan-It | Saturday, April 20th, 2013 | 9am-5pm | Rice Lake Wildlife Refuge, McGregor, MN | Grades K-12 | $25 girl/$5 adults/girls may use $10 Cookie Dough | Deadline Extended to April 8 - to register, just click here                                                                                                                                                                                           After an outer space adventure with your friends, you find you’ve all landed on an unnamed planet. Spend the day exploring Planet ‘X’ and working together to get through the Silent Swamp, Frozen Fissure, Gravity Gap and Memory Mountain. Your expedition team will create a map, decode a language, break down barriers, and befriend the locals. Cost includes lunch, snack, program materials and patch.                                                         

Bring a Friend Bonus: Girl Scout fee: $15 / Friend who is new to Girl Scouts: $27 ($25 +$12 membership fee = $37, minus $10)

By Bonnie Reeves


Would like to share a couple reminders and updates-

Recognitions - Adult, Beacon Award or Year of Service Pins please see our website:  or you can contact Bonnie


Region 3 Celebration Save the date l Thursday April 25th l 6:30-8 pm l Central Lakes College-Cafeteria

Join us as we honor and recognize adults in our Region. Maureen will have some special R03 recognitions for top girl cookie sellers and Bronze, Silver and Gold Award precipitants will be recognized  Cake and punch will be served.


Region 3 Spring Training l 1st Aid/CPR American Heart Association l Garrison l 9-noon l $8.00

This reduced cost has been made available by the generosity of Tabitha Witthuhn from SU14


Region Three Basic Outdoor Skills/Advanced Outdoor Skills (BOS/AOS) TBD

                BOS $10.00


                Outdoor Education book available for $9.50 with  pre orders.

By Bonnie Reeves

Well over the months as I’ve talked with volunteers I often hear that girls have so many choices by the time they are  a Junior that we often loose them to other activities: dance, sports…..  Well I read an article this morning and I’d like to share part of it with you.

" There’s lots of buzz about how third-grade reading levels are predictors of high school success. Our National Program Portfolio is of course tied to curriculum standards. Have you shared this information?  With whom? Are you making sure all Girl Scout Daisies and Brownies are going home from Girl Scouts with their own books…and that their parents know how valuable it is to spend even a few minutes reading with their daughters?"


Goodness what a bonus I think you all know I feel strongly about recruiting the parent right along with the girl.  Next time I hear how girls/parents are choosing dance or sports over Girl Scouts well I think I’ll be more prepared with an awesome comeback.  What parent doesn’t want success for their child?  Reading with or to their girls is something most parents can do and learn about Girl Scouts at the same time.   I’m betting the parent reading to their child would want to volunteer too!   Girl Scouts isn’t just another activity we are helping pave the path for their successful future.


It’s not to late to nominate a deserving adult for an award.  Check out the criteria and let me know if you need assistance. I’d be happy to help:


Thank you for being awesome volunteers!


By Bonnie Reeves


You may have noticed in your last Connections publication details to enter the Leaders Day Card Contest

The submission deadline is March 5th so there is still time to enter!


Girl’s say “Thanks” to great volunteers by entering the Leaders Day Card Contest


1. Create a 3.5" x 8" card representing Girl Scouts.

2. Write a greeting of appreciation to Girl Scout volunteers on the front and

leave the inside blank.

3. Include a description explaining why you chose your design,

your name, address, troop number, and program level on the

back of the card. Sorry, cards cannot be returned.

4. Use as many colors as you like

(no glitter, stamping or computer generation).

5. Mail by March 5, 2013, to:

Girl Scouts Duluth Regional Center

424 W Superior St, Ordean Bldg, Ste G3

Duluth, MN 55802

One prize will be awarded for each program age level, and one grand prize

design will be featured on the front of this year’s Girl Scout Leaders Day

Card, distributed to all Girl Scout adult members April 22.


I had a so much fun contacting the families in our region who won last year.  I hope we have some submissions from R03 again!

By Tauna

Sarah attended Lakes and Pines destination, North Country Rock and Wilderness in 2011. The following year she returned to the Northern Lakes Canoe Base as a Guide in Training. Sarah shares how she experienced teamwork and unity through the experience. Excerpts from Sarah's story ...

"This is teamwork to a whole new dimension."

"Everyone should come out of their shell just to see it [the wilderness] and appreciate what nature and wilderness there is still left. From the crazy thunderstorms that light up the night sky, to the occasional northern lights, and the sunsets full or oranges and purples and reds, I can honestly say that I have never seen such beauty in my life."

"Another part of this incredible experience is the lack of stuff."

Read Sarah's story.

By Maureen Graham

Planned Orders

Please place your planned orders in Snap by 10 p.m. on Saturday evenings to have delivery to your cupboard by the following Friday.  What you need to know: as a council we rely on troops placing planned orders to determine how many cookies to order each week and to send these cookies where they need to go.  Please help us help you by placing planned orders whenever possible. Please refer to page 26 of the pink Answer Book for Troop Product Sales Managers for complete instructions.  Remember to order in package quantities.

Booth Sales

Please continue to put your booth requests each week in Snap.  For instructions see the previous blog article on this topic. Cookie Booths continue through March 10.

ACH Debit

The first ACH debit was February 20.  If your ACH debit did not go through for any reason, please contact me about making alternate payment plans.  Remember to collect and deposit money from your families each week.  The next ACH debit will be March 20 at which time 50% of your remaining balance owed will be due.

Girls in Snap

You may have noticed some changes to your troop’s listing of girls in Snap.  This past week we did an upload of girls from our membership system to Snap.  This is the only upload of information we plan to do for this sale.  Please check your listing to make sure it is correct and remove any duplicate names.  You will need to verify that this list is correct before transferring packages to girls or placing a recognition order later on.  If you have any questions, please contact me. 

By Tricia Andrews

Ultimate Camper Event | Now open to girls in grades K-5! | Camp Roundely, Minong, WI | April 27-28, 2013 | 10 am-1 pm | $35 per person; girls may use $15 Cookie Dough | Register by April 1

Get ready for another season of camping!  Jump start your camping season with tips and tricks from the pros.  Review old skills and add new skills to your toolbox.  Expect to spend time cooking over a fire, canoeing, setting up tarps, tying knots and much more!  Click here to register.  Questions?  Contact the Bemidji Girl Scout office at  See you at camp!

By Maureen Graham

To add to the success of your troop’s Cookie Sale, all troops should enter their booth sale information in Snap as they are scheduled.  Information provided thru Snap will be uploaded to the Cookie Booth Locator so that those searching online for a nearby cookie sale will be able to find your troop’s booth sale.  Boost your troop’s business by providing accurate, complete information for all of your Cookie Booths in a timely manner. 

If you are in an area with a Cookie Booth Coordinator, please contact them for their approval of the Cookie Booth before setting up the booth or uploading the information to Snap.  For additional information on Cookie Booth Sales, please see page 25 of the pink Answer Book.  Read more to learn how to enter your troop's cookie booth sale dates in Snap.

By Bonnie Reeves



I wanted to share two updates in the volunteer Tab of our Website.

1)     Volunteer Recognition at

·          Note the PDF writable format!

2)     There is a new addition under forms please check out : Crisis and Safety Management

Training -

Thursday, Feb 21, 2013

Forms Teleconference


6:30 PM to 8:30 PM

The conference call is slated to run for 1 hour and we will be reviewing and explaining some of the forms found on our website.  This conference call does not replace the face-to-face New Leader Training session, but is being held to assist you in getting started.   Once registered you will receive an email confirmation that will include the phone number and instructions for the teleconference, along with the materials.

 Please register for the training on the website.

Last but not least save the date for the Spring Regional Day of Training April 13th  -  on our website soon.

Basic Outdoor Skills/Advanced Outdoor Skills

Refresher 1st  Aid / CPR – Red Cross

I am so looking forward to our winter warm up!


By Jessica Kershner

When I was a Girl Scout, my mom highly encouraged me to write a Thank You note to every person who bought at least a box of cookies from me, explaining my appreciation for their support of my goals. One year, I decided to get creative and add a GS cookie recipe to each Thank You note--I did try to include a recipe for at least one of the varieties that person had purchased. Amazingly, this had an unintended effect of boosting my sales, as many of my customers decided to buy extra boxes to try out the attached recipe.

Encourage your Girl Scout to find her own creative inspiration this cookie season. Have her consider the option of personalized Thank You notes for her customers.  

Please share your GS cookie recipes in the comments section of this post. Those who share before Dec. 31st will be entered in a drawing for a special cookie prize, so share your secret recipes today!  

Photo Courtesy of Scapoholics:

By Jessica Kershner

Here's a time filler game that can be creative and fun!

  Follow the Rules:

All players sit in a circle. One person selected to be It
stands away from the group. The players remaining in the circle choose a rule
to use while answering questions. The rule can be hard or simple depending on
those playing. For example: Answer questions as if you were an alien, or,
players must scratch their heads or yawn before answering. When the person who
is It comes back, she must find out the rule by asking players questions about
themselves. The person trying to guess the rule is allowed to take as long as
she needs. If it takes too long, players can help by exaggerating the response
the rule calls for. (The Incredible Indoor Games Book, pg. 52).

Tune in next week for a craft idea that will excite your crowds!  

By Bonnie Reeves

Have you registered for our Region 3 Cookie Rally yet?

Register on our website or feel free to contact me if

You need help with the registration process!

I should like to see 500 girls from R03!


New Leader Orientation Training

First Lutheran Church l Little Falls MN

Tuesday, January 15, l 6-9 p.m.  l Free


Save the Date –

McGregor MN

Saturday, January 19, l  9am- 3pm  l Free

Troop Finance Training

Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE)

New Leader Orientation Training (NLOT)

By Bonnie Reeves

Well we have reached another milestone. We have over 100 new volunteers for Region 3!  Let’s do a quick review of who needs to complete the application process!

So we know all Adult Girl Scout volunteers are to be registered and receive an appointment letter prior to working with the girls.

We know any Adult Girl Scout volunteers who handle the girl finances or product sales must be registered and receive an appointment letter.

Are there any exceptions?  Yes

1)         A presenter who will never be alone with the girls.  No additional paperwork required.

2)         An Episodic volunteer – someone who will volunteer only once

a.         Authorizes the background check

b.         Completes the application

c.         Encouraged to register as Girl Scout

d.         Complete a position description

e.         Must receive an appointment letter or approval prior to meeting with the girls.

3)         A parent who may sit in the back of the room during a meeting because it’s just to far to travel.

a.         I would always encourage theses parents to register and go through the appointment process but if they are not willing-we can let it go.

With all that being said I hope that you all join us at the Region 3 Cookie Rally!  We rock!

Yes, you guessed it …I’m looking for volunteers!

By Jessica Kershner

Many of you have been asking for the pumpkin chili recipe used at Shingobee and Sanderson's Fall Festivities and Haunted Harvest (as well as shared at some other regional meetings). Here it is: Enjoy it! This is a great time of year to use it.

By Jessica Kershner

Noodle Doodles:

Give each girl a peice of paper, a writing utensil, and something hard on which to write (nothing that you would mind if it was accidentally written on--perhaps a stack of newspapers or a paper plate). Instruct girls to place the paper on the hard surface, and the hard surface onto their heads. Either show the girls a picture that you want them to recreate, or verbally give them the name of an object to draw. They will draw on the paper that is on top of their heads. When finished, get ready for the laughter as the pictures are sure to be interesting.

Have you used any of the games, songs and activities you've learned from the Songs & Games Training, S'more Fun Training, or a regional or Service Unit Meeting? How did it go? Did your girls find a new favorite or did you find a flop? Share your stories so that others can learn what's working with girls today.

Toys for Tots Support: 

Several of you have told us about your wonderful holiday season service ideas and activities. Be sure to take a few minutes to add your tally of service at this site, hosted by generationOn and Hasbro who have joined forces to donate a toy to Toys for Tots for every youth who particpates in a seasonal act of service until December 18th. The deadline is approaching and it's a wonderful opportunity to make your service have twice the impact!

By Bonnie Reeves

Well we have reached another milestone. We have over 100 new volunteers for Region 3!  Let’s do a quick review of who needs to complete the application process!

So we know all Adult Girl Scout volunteers are to be registered and receive an appointment letter prior to working with the girls.

We know any Adult Girl Scout volunteers who handle the girl finances or product sales must be registered and receive an appointment letter.

Are there any exceptions?  Yes

1)         A presenter who will never be alone with the girls.  No additional paperwork required.

2)         An Episodic volunteer – someone who will volunteer only once

a.         Authorizes the background check

b.         Completes the application

c.         Encouraged to register as Girl Scout

d.         Complete a position description

e.         Must receive an appointment letter or approval prior to meeting with the girls.

3)         A parent who may sit in the back of the room during a meeting because it’s just to far to travel.

a.         I would always encourage theses parents to register and go through the appointment process but if they are not willing-we can let it go.

With all that being said I hope that you all join us at the Region 3 Cookie Rally!  We rock!

Yes, you guessed it …I’m looking for volunteers!

By MonicaHusen

Talk with your daughter about bringing a friend to her next troop meeting or G.S. event. Her name gets put in a drawing and both girls recieved a Bring A Friend patch. For more info on Bring a friend contact Monica Husen at 218-270-4859

By Jessica Kershner

Greetings fine Leaders of Region 3,

       You've been asking for it, and I am here to deliver--Tuesday Program Tips. Tune in each week to learn a new program tip or trick--including songs, games, crowd pleasers, and behavior management tools. I encourage you to post the outcome of using these tips (example: "I played "Bite the Bag" with troop #0150, and they loved it! Here's a picture of one of our craziest moments!" or "I cooked the "Pumpkin Chili" reciepe with the girls in SU 007 at our Fall Festival, and we decided the reciepe gets better if you add a tsp of paprika."). If you've got something to share, we'd love to see it. Feel free to post it here or e-mail it to me, Jessica,

Selecting Games:

·  Be sure the games are appropriate for the age, experience and physical condition of the girls.

·  Begin with familiar games that are quickly learned, and then move on to more complex games.

Games for Large Groups: Alphabetical Circle
Everybody stands in a circle, go around the circle and say your name. Go around twice: clockwise and counter-clockwise. Now circle up alphabetically by first initial of first name without talking. (Youth Leadership in Action. Pg. 126-127)

Tune in next time for more information on selecting games, and the instructions to "Noodle Doodles"--a creative time filler activity.  

By Jessica Kershner

Would you like to know how to avoid getting "red-eyed" pictures? Do you want to know how to keep the flash from reflecting off of someone's glasses? Want to learn more about all of the buttons on your digital camera? If you answered yes to any of these questions, team up with an adult in your life (mom, dad, troop leader, grandma, uncle, etc) and sign up for Picture This! at Camp Sanderson on January 18th-20th.

If you have additional questions about outdoor and/or digital photography, write your questions below so we can be sure to answer them during the weekend.  

Click for more information. 

By Bonnie Reeves


What a whirlwind of a fall it’s been.  We ‘ve transitioned through SU  Fall Kick-Off,  Registrations Nights, Parent Meetings, Fall Product Sale, Training and of course the Appointment Process-you know the paper work that goes along with becoming a volunteer.  Many of you are scanning the Program Guide with your girls checking our Programming options or deciding with your girls which Journey Book best suits them.  At your local SU Meetings you are deciding who will be your delegates at the Annual Meeting in Duluth representing your local Girl Scouts.

I have had the pleasure to travel across our Region and meet many of our volunteers and frankly you have taken to heart my strong encouragement of building a troop committee to support your troops and your Service Unit (SU).  I’ve had some of you e mail me and tell me to check my phone there must be something wrong as it’s always busy…it’s been busy alright.  We are facing a wonderful problem – we have a lot of new volunteers.  I tallied my book last night and the last count was 91 new volunteers in Region 3 and the number is continuing to increase daily!

Our functional Volunteer Specialist Team will continue to refine our process and increase our efficiency. You can help us by filling in the blanks on the forms and providing e mail contacts for references when possible as this does speed up the process.  If you have questions please ask us as we are here to serve you our volunteers.  Keep building your troop and SU teams and take a moment to reflect on how fortunate we are to have so many people willing to volunteer for our girls to empower them and help develop their leadership skills.  We will help them develop their courage, confidence and character to be able to dream and believe that their dreams can come true and to be true to themselves. Along the way we’ll provide fun with a purpose and create our own remarkable journey.

Regional Day of training for R03 is on our website- regsitration deadline is Nov 12th

Thank you for volunteering for Girl Scouts for taking time from your busy lives to make a difference in another girls life.

By Linda Bear

This just in: a tour has been added to the Weekend Escape: Twin Cities trip!

We will be including a stop at the North Star Scout Museum to check out artifacts from early Girl Scouts as well as check out the 100th Anniversary exhibit there! Other destinations on this December 8th-9th trip include the State Capitol, a show at the Children’s Theatre, dinner downtown Minneapolis, the Holidazzle parade, fun at the Water Park of America, shopping at the Mall of America, and a tour/lunch date with the Rainforest Café! Check out all the details here and find out how to register:










Dreams to Reality

Plan to Join us at...
River's Edge Convention Center | St. Cloud, MN
March 12, 2015 | 5:30 - 8:30pm 


Click logo above for more information and to purchase tickets!   




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