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By Jessica Kershner

Many of you have been asking for the pumpkin chili recipe used at Shingobee and Sanderson's Fall Festivities and Haunted Harvest (as well as shared at some other regional meetings). Here it is: Enjoy it! This is a great time of year to use it.

By Jessica Kershner

Noodle Doodles:

Give each girl a peice of paper, a writing utensil, and something hard on which to write (nothing that you would mind if it was accidentally written on--perhaps a stack of newspapers or a paper plate). Instruct girls to place the paper on the hard surface, and the hard surface onto their heads. Either show the girls a picture that you want them to recreate, or verbally give them the name of an object to draw. They will draw on the paper that is on top of their heads. When finished, get ready for the laughter as the pictures are sure to be interesting.

Have you used any of the games, songs and activities you've learned from the Songs & Games Training, S'more Fun Training, or a regional or Service Unit Meeting? How did it go? Did your girls find a new favorite or did you find a flop? Share your stories so that others can learn what's working with girls today.

Toys for Tots Support: 

Several of you have told us about your wonderful holiday season service ideas and activities. Be sure to take a few minutes to add your tally of service at this site, hosted by generationOn and Hasbro who have joined forces to donate a toy to Toys for Tots for every youth who particpates in a seasonal act of service until December 18th. The deadline is approaching and it's a wonderful opportunity to make your service have twice the impact!

By Bonnie Reeves

Well we have reached another milestone. We have over 100 new volunteers for Region 3!  Let’s do a quick review of who needs to complete the application process!

So we know all Adult Girl Scout volunteers are to be registered and receive an appointment letter prior to working with the girls.

We know any Adult Girl Scout volunteers who handle the girl finances or product sales must be registered and receive an appointment letter.

Are there any exceptions?  Yes

1)         A presenter who will never be alone with the girls.  No additional paperwork required.

2)         An Episodic volunteer – someone who will volunteer only once

a.         Authorizes the background check

b.         Completes the application

c.         Encouraged to register as Girl Scout

d.         Complete a position description

e.         Must receive an appointment letter or approval prior to meeting with the girls.

3)         A parent who may sit in the back of the room during a meeting because it’s just to far to travel.

a.         I would always encourage theses parents to register and go through the appointment process but if they are not willing-we can let it go.

With all that being said I hope that you all join us at the Region 3 Cookie Rally!  We rock!

Yes, you guessed it …I’m looking for volunteers!

By MonicaHusen

Talk with your daughter about bringing a friend to her next troop meeting or G.S. event. Her name gets put in a drawing and both girls recieved a Bring A Friend patch. For more info on Bring a friend contact Monica Husen at 218-270-4859

By Jessica Kershner

Greetings fine Leaders of Region 3,

       You've been asking for it, and I am here to deliver--Tuesday Program Tips. Tune in each week to learn a new program tip or trick--including songs, games, crowd pleasers, and behavior management tools. I encourage you to post the outcome of using these tips (example: "I played "Bite the Bag" with troop #0150, and they loved it! Here's a picture of one of our craziest moments!" or "I cooked the "Pumpkin Chili" reciepe with the girls in SU 007 at our Fall Festival, and we decided the reciepe gets better if you add a tsp of paprika."). If you've got something to share, we'd love to see it. Feel free to post it here or e-mail it to me, Jessica,

Selecting Games:

·  Be sure the games are appropriate for the age, experience and physical condition of the girls.

·  Begin with familiar games that are quickly learned, and then move on to more complex games.

Games for Large Groups: Alphabetical Circle
Everybody stands in a circle, go around the circle and say your name. Go around twice: clockwise and counter-clockwise. Now circle up alphabetically by first initial of first name without talking. (Youth Leadership in Action. Pg. 126-127)

Tune in next time for more information on selecting games, and the instructions to "Noodle Doodles"--a creative time filler activity.  

By Jessica Kershner

Would you like to know how to avoid getting "red-eyed" pictures? Do you want to know how to keep the flash from reflecting off of someone's glasses? Want to learn more about all of the buttons on your digital camera? If you answered yes to any of these questions, team up with an adult in your life (mom, dad, troop leader, grandma, uncle, etc) and sign up for Picture This! at Camp Sanderson on January 18th-20th.

If you have additional questions about outdoor and/or digital photography, write your questions below so we can be sure to answer them during the weekend.  

Click for more information. 

By Norma

Cookie Rally

Saturday, Jan 12, 2013

12:00 PM to 3:00 PM

Senior High School; Sauk Centre, MN
Be a Cookie Professional

More Info...

Volunteers needed to help with the stations

Contact Marge Hanson, Volunteer Specialist or


By Norma


Event Calendar

Check our calendar below for a complete list of events, trainings, and important dates.

Please check the Program Status Report for program updates

Friday, Jan 18, 2013 - Sunday, Jan 20, 2013

Picture This!: You & Me Outdoor Photography

7:00 PM to 11:00 AM

Camp Sanderson, Spicer, MN
Bring your digital camera and an adult with you to camp this weekend.

More Info...

Saturday, Mar 9, 2013 - Sunday, Mar 10, 2013

Girls Night Out: SPA-tacular Willmar Mall Sleepover

8:00 PM to 7:00 AM

Willmar, MN
Treat yourself to a Girl's Night Out!

More Info...

By Marge Hanson, Volunteer Specialist

There will be several teleconference trainings coming up within the next couple of months.  Coop Troop Training will be held on Thursday, December 6, at 6:30 p.m.  You may register online by going to our website (Troop Management Trainings).  When you register, you will receive a confirmation email along with the materials and call-in number. 

 Forms training will be held on February 21 and April 11.  There will be additional information, as well as, registration information available on our website soon.  

By Marge Hanson, Volunteer Specialist

Holiday Inn & Suites, Lyric Conference Room
Duluth, Minnesota
January 25-26, 2013

Service Unit Delegates are a vital communication link between the local service units and the council.  They are individuals who are selected by the service units to represent them at the annual meeting.  Any registered Girl Scout, 14 years or older, is eligible to become a Delegate.  It is extremely important that all Service Units are represented.  Please make sure your voice is heard!  Here are the number of Delegates your Service Unit is entitled to have: SU #19—5, SU #20—3, SU #21—3, SU #22—4, SU #23—3.

Dates and times for the Service Unit Delegate Training Teleconference Sessions are:

Choose one:
     Thursday, December 6, 6-8 pm
     Tuesday, December 11, 6-8 pm

Dial: 866-477-6298   Enter PIN: 275465#

Please register as a delegate for the annual meeting

By Marge Hanson, Volunteer Specialist

We are currently planning the 6-week after-school Girl Scout Series—It’s Your Business, Run It!—and have a seasonal part time opening for a Girl Scouts in ACTION Coordinator. This position is responsible for quality delivery of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience by working directly with schools and volunteers to coordinate a 6-week after-school Girl Scout series culminating with a related Take Action event/project.  This person may also facilitate some of the sessions.  We will need a coordinator and volunteers in both the Alexandria and Willmar communities.  Training for this series begins mid-January.

If you or someone you know would be interested in volunteering your time and talent as a role model for girls, please contact Marge Hanson, Volunteer Specialist, at 320-403-2108 or  

By Marge Hanson, Volunteer Specialist

In support of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience, Lakes & Pines Girl Scout Shops are happy to offer adult volunteers the tools they need to guide girls in their leadership Journeys. Now through Dec. 31, 2012, all 18 Adult Guide/Journey Book Sets for all age-levels are 33% off. Regularly $15, on sale $10.

The adult guide for each Journey offers an introduction to the journey's theme and awards, grade-level-specific tips and suggestions, and a full set of sample session plans filled with ceremonies, activities, discussions, and reflections. Adult guides also provide detailed instructions, examples, supply lists, and discussion starters to bring the journey to life in partnership with girls.

Save $5 during this special limited time offer! Visit us or contact your Girl Scout shop in Waite Park and Duluth to place an order.

Please note: Hurricane Sandy has caused a delay in the processing and shipping of orders from Girl Scout Merchandise on the east coast. If you have recently placed a special order with Lakes & Pines shops, it may be arriving later than our normal two week turn-around. We remain well-stocked with most all of the Girl Scout basics - uniforms, emblems, awards, and books. Please call if you have questions about an order you placed recently.

If you and your fellow Girl Scout leaders would benefit from additional training on how to blend Journeys and the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting into a more meaningful Leadership Experience, please contact me (320-403-2108 or  to set up a learning session for your Service Unit.

By Marge Hanson, Volunteer Specialist

There will be a training day in St Cloud on Saturday, December 8, at Rasmussen College.  This includes Cookie Training.  If you missed the training in Glenwood on November 15, you may attend this one.  However, please register so that they have sufficient materials for everyone.  Check out the registration form today and let us know you're coming! Forms received after 12/4 will not guarantee you program supplies.

By Bonnie Reeves


What a whirlwind of a fall it’s been.  We ‘ve transitioned through SU  Fall Kick-Off,  Registrations Nights, Parent Meetings, Fall Product Sale, Training and of course the Appointment Process-you know the paper work that goes along with becoming a volunteer.  Many of you are scanning the Program Guide with your girls checking our Programming options or deciding with your girls which Journey Book best suits them.  At your local SU Meetings you are deciding who will be your delegates at the Annual Meeting in Duluth representing your local Girl Scouts.

I have had the pleasure to travel across our Region and meet many of our volunteers and frankly you have taken to heart my strong encouragement of building a troop committee to support your troops and your Service Unit (SU).  I’ve had some of you e mail me and tell me to check my phone there must be something wrong as it’s always busy…it’s been busy alright.  We are facing a wonderful problem – we have a lot of new volunteers.  I tallied my book last night and the last count was 91 new volunteers in Region 3 and the number is continuing to increase daily!

Our functional Volunteer Specialist Team will continue to refine our process and increase our efficiency. You can help us by filling in the blanks on the forms and providing e mail contacts for references when possible as this does speed up the process.  If you have questions please ask us as we are here to serve you our volunteers.  Keep building your troop and SU teams and take a moment to reflect on how fortunate we are to have so many people willing to volunteer for our girls to empower them and help develop their leadership skills.  We will help them develop their courage, confidence and character to be able to dream and believe that their dreams can come true and to be true to themselves. Along the way we’ll provide fun with a purpose and create our own remarkable journey.

Regional Day of training for R03 is on our website- regsitration deadline is Nov 12th

Thank you for volunteering for Girl Scouts for taking time from your busy lives to make a difference in another girls life.

By Linda Bear

This just in: a tour has been added to the Weekend Escape: Twin Cities trip!

We will be including a stop at the North Star Scout Museum to check out artifacts from early Girl Scouts as well as check out the 100th Anniversary exhibit there! Other destinations on this December 8th-9th trip include the State Capitol, a show at the Children’s Theatre, dinner downtown Minneapolis, the Holidazzle parade, fun at the Water Park of America, shopping at the Mall of America, and a tour/lunch date with the Rainforest Café! Check out all the details here and find out how to register:

By Linda Bear

Regional Service Unit Training

Date: Thursday, November 15, 2012

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Location: Glenwood Lutheran Church

206 Minnesota Avenue East

Glenwood, MN 56334

(Please note: Entrance and parking are located at the back of the church.)


This meeting is for all Troop Cookie Managers as well as all interested volunteers.


Dessert will be served beginning at 6:15.


Please RSVP by noon on Monday, November12, to


By Bonnie Reeves

So you decided to become a Girl Scout volunteer…

Now you’re having a panic attack…what was I thinking?

Don’t worry be happy - enjoy your journey. Relax …call me or your local

Community Coordinator’s or Service Unit Manager’s we are here to help.

Ask yourself a few key questions.

1)    Have you received your appointment letter?

No, well did you complete the paperwork? (Registration, Application , Authorize Background Check & Interview)

2)    Did you register for New Leader Orientation Training?

No, check out our website for dates and locations near you!




Save the date –

Regional Day of Training l Garrison  l 

Saturday, November 17th  l  9am-4pm l  Free

Details coming soon

I assure you everything will be OK!  You are about to embark on journey that will be as rewarding for you as your daughter.

By MonicaHusen

Read the Lakes & Pines “E-Shopper” for Girl Scout volunteers! News of council shop promotions and timely information regarding Girl Scout merchandise will keep you in the know. October 2012 “E-Shopper” highlights: What every Girl Scout volunteer needs; What every girl needs; order forms; troop leader t-shirts; Welcome Set special offer; Citizen badges. Enjoy!

By Bonnie Reeves

Now you’re having a panic attack…what was I thinking?

Don’t worry be happy - enjoy your journey. Relax …call me or your local

Community Coordinator’s or Service Unit Manager’s we are here to help.

Ask yourself a few key questions.

1)    Have you received your appointment letter?

No, well did you complete all the paperwork?

2)    Did you register for New Leader Orientation Training?

No, check out our website for dates and locations


 Save the date –

Regional Day of Training l Garrison  l  

Saturday, November 17th  l  9am-4pm l  Free

Details coming soon

I assure you everything will be OK!  You are about to embark on journey that will be as rewarding for you as your daughter.

By bdean


Fall registration has been going well. Thank you to all of the new and returning leaders. Without you there wouldn’t be Girl Scouts!


By MonicaHusen

Sunday, Oct. 7, 2012, 2 to 4 p.m.
Edgewood Vista in Brainerd
$1.00 donation
any qustions call Susan at 218-829-9754

By Jessica Kershner

There's something for everyone camp! Take a look at all of the fun coming your way.


Fall Festivities|
Walker, MN
Grades 2-5 (adults are welcome, too!) | October 26-27, 5:30pm-4:30pm| $35 girls, $25 adults, $10 volunteering adults and program aides

Fall Festivities--Day Only|Walker, MN
Grades k-adult | October 27, 9am-4:30pm| $25 girls, $15 adults, $5 volunteering adults and program aides

Haunted Harvest| Walker, MN
Grades 6-12 | October 27-28 9am-11am| $35 girls, $25 adults, $10 volunteering adults 


Fall Festivities
| Spicer, MN
Grades 2-5 (adults are welcome, too!) | November 2-3, 5:30pm-4:30pm| $35 girls, $25 adults, $10 volunteering
adults and program aides

Fall Festivities—Day Only
|Spicer, MN
Grades k-adult | November 3,
9am-4:30pm | $25 girls, $15 adults, $5 volunteering adults and program aides

Haunted Harvest| Spicer, MN
Grades 6-12 | November 3-4 9am-11am|$35 girls, $25 adults, $10 volunteering adults


By Jessica Kershner

Check out a complete list of upcoming council activities at our website.

Consider using your Program Aide or Volunteer in Training skills to help at council-sponsored activites--most are offered at a reduced price to volunteers.

NOVEL Ideas Mini-Series| Hinckley, MN

Grades 6-12 (adults are welcome, too!) | October 6 (9am-Noon), October 27 (9am-10:30am), November 10 (9am-10:30am)  |Registration Deadline: September 28th, 2012| $10

Join author of The Seeing Stone, Karlajean Becvar for 3 Saturday sessions to complete the Senior Novelist Badge from the It’s Your World—Change It! journey series. You’ll spend time with a local author to learn what it takes to write a book, visit the Hinckley Fire Museum to connect with the inspiration behind events in the book, develop you own plot, and, by completing some activities at home, you’ll earn the Novelist Badge for Senior Girl Scouts. Price includes: snacks, supplies, entrance to the Hinckley Fire Museum, free copy of the book The Seeing Stone by local author Karlajean  Becvar and the Novelist Badge. Additional books can be purchased for $10 each. Contact Jennifer Schmitt ( for more details or to register.

By Jessica Kershner

Growing up in Girl Scouts, I sometimes felt that the older I got, the less programming I was offered. I hope as older girls in Girl Scouting today you don't think this is still the case. I want to highlight some older girl adventures coming your way:

Mentoring Awards:

Juniors: Check out page 33 of Junior: The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting for information on how to earn your Junior Aide award.

Cadettes: Check out page 30 of Cadette: The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting for information on how to earn a Leader in Action award and your Program Aide award. (Please note: you'll have to complete one Leader in Action award before you'll be eligible for Program Aide Training). Keep your eyes open for details of upcoming Program Aide Trainings--they'll be offered in each region starting in the Spring of 2013.

Check out page 32 of Senior: The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting for information on how to earn your Volunteer in Training and your Counselor in Training awards. Keep your eyes open for details of upcoming Volunteer in Training courses offered in the Spring of 2013. Counselor in Training courses are offered at select camp properties during the summer camp season.

Check out page 29 of Ambassador: The Girl's Guide to Girl Scouting for more information on how to earn your Volunteer in Training, Counselor in Training, and Counselor in Training II awards. Volunteer in Training courses will be offered in the Spring of 2013. Counselor in Training courses are offered at select camp properties during the summer camp season.

By Maureen Graham

It’s almost FLAMINGO TIME!!!


Troops throughout the council are getting ready to participate in this year’s Fall Product Sale program which gives girls a great opportunity to raise funds for their upcoming Girl Scout adventures. 


The Fall Product Sale, which runs October 6 – October 21, 2012, features delicious chocolates and nuts such as Dark Chocolate Mint Penguins, Chocolate Peanut Butter Bears, melt-in-your-mouth Dulce de Leche chocolates, and also the fun, new, collectible Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace mailbox tin which contains the ever popular Mint TreasuresThe other part of the Fall Product Sale is the magazine portion where girls may sell any of a large variety of magazines either in person or online. With over 665+ magazine subscriptions, plus 50 digital subscriptions and 30 combo deals, where customers buy a regular subscription and get the digital version free, there is something for everyone in the magazine sale.  Remember, with online magazine sales there is no need to collect money from troop families, and no need to pick up or deliver any products! 


Troops earn 20% of the proceeds from the sales of both the magazines and the nuts and chocolates.  Girls may earn fun recognition items like a hair tie lollipop, tap and wrap watch, or Fiona Flamingo, this year’s Fall Product Sale program mascot.  Also, the Fall Product Sale program provides much needed resources to help support our council’s local offices and you, our volunteers. 


Please remember, girls in a troop need to participate in BOTH the council-sponsored Fall Product Sale AND the Cookie Sale programs for a troop to be eligible to participate in any additional money earning activities such a bake sale, rummage sale, or other troop fundraiser.


In the Fall Product Sale program, troops may sell just chocolates and nuts, or just magazines, or both!  There are no minimum or maximum sales amounts required in order to participate.  Interested?  Click the link for more details Fall Product Sale for Volunteers or contact Maureen Graham in the Waite Park office to find out how you can get started!










Join us at...

Dreams to Reality
The Kitchi Gammi Club | Duluth, MN
August 21, 2014 | 5:30 - 8:30pm


Click logo above for more information and to purchase tickets!   





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